Columbariam Customary

  1. Management. The Columbarium and its niches, their use and maintenance, are at all times subject to (a) the management of the Vestry of Saint Johnís Episcopal Church (ďSt. JohnísĒ), as constituted from time to time, or of the Vestryís duly organized Columbarium Committee in which is vested the right to control the maintenance and use thereof (the ďCommitteeĒ), and (b) these Rules for the Use of the Columbarium at St. Johnís (the ďRulesĒ), which may be altered, amended or repealed at any time at the sole discretion of the Vestry.
  2. Members. The Columbarium is for the interment of the cremated remains of any child of God. Any priest, who has served as Rector of St. Johnís, and his or her spouse, may be interred in a niche free of any fee or costs but otherwise subject to these Rules.
  3. Certificate. After a written application is submitted to and approved by St. Johnís Vestry, the Church will issue a Certificate of Right to Inter (the ďCertificateĒ) in a specified niche. The application shall designate the person (the ďDesigneeĒ) whose remains are to be interred in the specified niche, and the Purchaser of a Certificate (the ďPurchaserĒ) shall receive a right to inter such remains. The Church shall maintain a Columbarium Register and retain an original, authoritative copy of the Certificate. A copy of the Rules shall be given to each purchaser at the time the Certificate is issued.
  4. Niche. Each niche has the capacity to hold the remains of one deceased person. The inscription on the front of the niche is limited to the name and year of birth and death of the deceased. Should it be desired, a third line indicating branch of military service may be added. The size, type and manner of lettering on the front of each niche will be of a uniform character determined by the Vestry.
  5. Container (Urn). St. Johnís shall be responsible for providing the urn for any remains that are to be interred in a niche. The urn will be made available to the funeral director prior to the service to place the remains in it and seal it for placement in the columbarium niche. St. Johnís shall be responsible for paying any charges incurred in connection with (a) the opening and closing of the niche at the time of interment and (b) providing the engraved name plate to be installed on the front of the niche. No other forms of identification may be affixed to the bronze cover plate.
  6. Removal. Cremated remains placed in a niche may be removed from the niche and the Columbarium only upon written consent to the Vestry and in consultation with the Rector. In the event an urn is removed from a niche for interment or disposal elsewhere, all rights to the space in the niche shall cease and terminate and any rights given hereunder shall revert to St. Johnís. In the event that it shall be desirable at any time to change the location of the Columbarium or to discontinue the use of any portion thereof, the Vestry may in its sole discretion remove the urns from any niche the use of which is discontinued and may place such urns in other suitable niches in such location as in its sole discretion the Vestry deems proper.
  7. Contingencies. By receipt of the Certificate, the purchaser does not acquire property rights of any kind in or to the niche referred to in the purchaserís Certificate. The right granted to use a niche in the Columbarium shall continue only so long as the present church building stands and is owned by St. Johnís. In the event of the demolition of the present building or its sale by St. Johnís, such right may cease. St. Johnís shall give notice of the impending demolition or sale of the present building to each Purchaser and Designee. If a Purchaser or Designee be deceased, St. Johnís shall give notice to the Purchaserís or Designeeís surviving spouse or next-of-kin who shall then be given the opportunity to remove the cremated remains of the deceased. Such notice shall be addressed to the people named in the Columbarium Register as Purchaser, Designee, Spouse, or next-of-kin, as appropriate. St. Johnís may rely solely on such Register in determining to whom and to what address notice shall be given. If the surviving spouse or next-of-kin fails to remove such remains within a reasonable amount of time in light of the circumstances then existing, the Vestry shall have the right to remove and dispose of the same in such Christian manner as the Vestry shall deem proper.
  8. Surrender of Right. In the event that the Purchaser, the Purchaserís legal representative, the Purchaserís surviving spouse or next-of-kin, or if the Purchaserís right of designation has passed to the Purchaserís devisees or heirs, and such devisees or heirs, decided not to use the niche for interment, notice shall be given to the Vestry in writing and all the Purchaserís rights to inter hereunder shall be surrendered and shall revert to St. Johnís. No refunds of any kind will be made by St. Johnís in the event that a Purchaserís right to inter is surrendered.
  9. Burial Services. All arrangements for the Burial Office, committal and interment shall be made with the Rector of St. Johnís or in the absence of a Rector, by the Rectorís Warden of St. Johnís.
  10. Liability. Purchasers specifically release and hold harmless St. Johnís and its Vestry from any and all liability connected with the operation and maintenance of the Columbarium. St. Johnís shall exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of the Columbarium. No liability of any kind whatsoever is assumed by St. Johnís or the Vestry for the maintenance or preservation of the remains of any person interred in the Columbarium or for any loss or damage to the containers or remains of such deceased persons, nor is any liability of any kind whatsoever assumed by St. Johnís or the Vestry for any matter or thing relating to the Columbarium, its use or subsequent maintenance.
  11. Ornamentation. Flowers and other ornamentation may not be placed on or adjacent to the Columbarium except at the time of interment. St. Johnís provides the standard bronze name plate engraved with the designeeís name as specified in the niche ownerís Registry Information Sheet (Colum. 4) along with the years of birth and death under the name. If the niche owner has specified including a branch of military service, that will be added as a third line on the plate.
  12. Gifts. Gifts and fees to provide for the care of the Columbarium and its environs may be made to St. Johnís and will be deposited in the Columbarium Account established for the maintenance of the Columbarium and its environs and the principal thereof to be usable by the Vestry to repair, enlarge, preserve, move, or replace all or parts of the Columbarium and the church structure with which it is associated.
  13. Rule Changes. The Vestry shall at all times have the right to amend or revise the Rules.
  14. Adoption. These rules are adopted by the Vestry on December 9, 1992, and made a part of the Minutes of the Vestry on that date and currently conform to the requirements of Indiana Code 23-14-33-1 through 76 (The Indiana General Cemetery Law).

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